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Tech Leader: No One Can Tolerate Permanent Fever, High Antibodies, VAXX FAILURE – Dr. Mercola

The idea that continuous, ongoing boosters to the COVID-19 jabs will keep people healthy and safe from COVID is a myth, says tech leader and COVID analyst Marc Girardot.

During normal infections, high fever and temporary T-cell elevations leading to antibodies to the infection gradually dissipate. But with the COVID jabs, health officials are pushing booster after booster, claiming that continuous high antibodies spurred by the shots will keep people safe.

The only thing is, the human body is not set up to be a permanent T-cell factory with an ongoing fever and antibody production, Girardot says. Such a condition can only lead to a "death zone" of accelerated autoimmune conditions such as Parkinson's, Kawasaki disease and multiple sclerosis, he says.

SOURCE: Marc Girardot January 30, 2022