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Congressman Sessions Exposes REAL WAR On Americans, Prep For Foodegeddon, Vaxx Morphs Genes

Monday on the Stew Peters Show, Texas Representative Pete Sessions delivers a blow to the communist conspiracy which has fostered a generational hatred against white people, and points out how the Ukraine war is simply a distraction from the perpetual torture being carried out against patriotic Americans.

Gun America's Paul Helinski blasts the lying media for inciting panic among the masses over the looming economic impact from the CIA-backed war on Russia's doorstep. Paul shares how to prep for the shortage of fertilizer and grain, and avoid the huge cost of panic purchasing.

Visit Guns America to see more of Paul Helinski and his prepping tactics: www.gunsamerica.com/.

Dr. Jane Ruby exposes FDA documents that openly admit the mRNA Covid vaccines are literal gene therapy, evolving mankind into a hysterical shadow of our God-created selves.

And, award winning journalist April Moss exposes the collusion marriage made in hell between Big Pharma and Big Tech, which has had the unholy mission of killing the unvaccinated and destroying our hospitals.

Visit FreedomMed.org to find clinics and doctors near you that prescribe ivermectin and effective treatments against the plandemic.

Also visit LetsGoBrandonRally.org to find more information on speakers like Moss, important dates, and more.

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