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USA DOMESTIC food production now collapsing as fertilizer runs out

Full Natural News Article:

When the USA and NATO countries engaged in economic warfare against Russia by de-platforming Russian banks from the SWIFT system in March, it set off a chain reaction of world events that will lead to global famine and food scarcity panic. Fertilizer and the natural gas used to manufacture fertilizer are now in short supply around the world. Many prominent food producers such as India have turned to export bans (food protectionism) to secure their own domestic supplies, worsening global food scarcity. Rising fuel costs have only added to the problems, resulting in far higher costs of farm inputs across the world.


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2:40 Prediction
7:50 Tulsa Shooting
11:45 Back Injuries
18:00 Supply Chain
41:10 Housing Prices
43:13 Disturbing Story
48:30 Big Tobacco
55:50 USA vs Russia

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