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This May Change Your Opinion on our Beloved Gov

Whistleblower Susan Lindauer and Author of "Extreme Prejudice – The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act, the Cover Ups of 911 and Iraq" went to Senator McCain and told him the information she had, a month later she was arrested and had a 5 year indictment on the patriot act and in all that time time she testified ONCE with two witnesses.

She believes that it was a Controlled Demolition, she says the lies are so deep they are unbelievable.

November of 2000 in which they had not declared Bush Jr winner yet. Iraq and 911 tie all together. Contrary to what we were told, Iraq allowed Weapons inspections, what we were told from the Mainstream Media was a TOTAL Fabrication to get the people on the Governments side so when they went to WAR we would all be for it. Iraq was NO Threat whatsoever to the USA.

The 911 story ties deeply with what happened with Iraq. They CIA knew 100% they didn't need war, this involved huge Contracts with Corporations and involved around Oil. The Iraqi's did cooperate and ALL they wanted was PEACE with the USA.

By February of 2001 Iraq offered to allow the FBI to basically do anything they wanted to investigate about any kinds of terroristic weapons. They were even going to allow the FBI to make arrests of Terror Suspects. This is a sign that they wanted this issue resolved ASAP and resolved without CONFLICT from the most Feared Bully in the world. They did not want to give ANY reason for ANY kind of conflict. They wanted a resolution as soon as possible.

April of 2001: At this time Susan was the Chief Asset covering the Iraqi Embassy, Yemen, Syria, Egypt and the Libya House. Iraq and Libya are her main ones, she says she is a back channel, meaning she is right in the middle of the communication process, so she hears both sides and she hears everything. So in April 2001 she was summoned to her CIA Handler Dr. Richard Fuse and had a message for her to deliver to NY at the earliest possible convenience. The message was that CIA was looking into a conspiracy to Hijack Airplanes (their freaking own conspiracy), we expect the target to be the World Trade Center, we believe they are going to fly the planes into the World Trade Center. We need the Iraqi's to provide any "Actionable Intelligence" – but here is the MAIN Point: They wanted her to tell the Iraqi's that if they fail to provide this information and if anything happens in the future and they did not give it up, the USA is willing to go to War over this.

She said all Iraq wanted was peace, they HATED Terrorism and Saddam Hussein provided a lot of intel in the 90's to catch terrorists, so they would definitely not want to terrorize the USA. Saddam hated Islamic Jihadists.

Saddam Hussein wanted to help us in any way possible because he didn't want us putting any sanctions on him and especially didn't want war.

So the message in return was you are Welcome to send the FBI to investigate, we already agreed to this.

She went back to her handler, Dr. Richard Fuse to tell him that she politely gave them the message and what they said back. Well, Richard blew a fuse and went ape shit that she was polite to them. He sent her back and said to tell them that this THREAT of WAR Originates at the Highest Level of Government ABOVE the CIA Director and ABOVE the Secretary of State.

So that leaves ONLY 3 people in the entire USA: President Bush, VP Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

So this was clear that this was in the planning for a long time already.

She was told if they didn't provide ANY evidence and this attack occurred that the USA would Bomb them back into the Stone Age.

So now in May of 2001 she delivered this second message. In June and July, practically every week Susan and her handler Dr. Richard Fuse talked about this. They were "prepping" the CIA employees that this attack was imminent with planes on World Trade Center.

Everything was going great with Iraq, they were allowing any inspection of weapons as they didn't want any war. The were even offering more in June and July of 2001 – they were offering the Corporations of the USA Preferential Contracts on Communication, Health Care, Hospital Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Iraq offered to buy 1 million manufactured Automobiles every year for 10 years.

Wow, just think what that would of did to the Economy.

What the USA and UN did to Iraq in the 1990's was horrific. Destroying hospitals when they performed the second Heart Transplant in the world, destroying pharmaceuticals, destroying their economy. Talk about being the Bully of the world. This caused well over 500,000 Iraqi children to die and this was by 1996 and the UN stopped taking statistics, so it was much, much worse. Susan says it is more like a million and it was MASS GENOCIDE.

To think that VERY FEW know that this is how our Country uses our Military and our Power. We live among the Nazi's as they run our Military.

In August 2001: CIA went into "High Activity Mode".

August 2nd, 2001: Robert Mueller hearings to confirm him as the FBI Director.

Susan Lindauer said to her handler Dr. Richard Fuse that this man should NOT be the next director as he just throws away Investigations, Robert Mueller threw away the Oklahoma City bombing, he threw Lockerbie, she said this man should not be FBI Director when this Next Attack Occurs.

She said that Richard said "What if there is no FBI Director when this attack happens?"

Susan says "Do you think it could be that soon?"

Richard said: "It's Absolutely within the Next Couple of Weeks."

Susan said "I will go back to New York City and pump the Iraqi's to see if they have any info at all."

Richard said: "Do not go back to NYC, it is too Dangerous. We are Expecting the use of a Miniature Thermal Nuclear Device."

They were not afraid of the falling debris from World Trade Center but afraid from Radiation if the wind was blowing.

So he said, do not go up there, we are expecting mass casualties.

She did end up going to NY anyway and the Iraqi's said they know NOTHING about this. They said, believe us, if there was anything we could give you, we would because we know the consequences.

August 6th, 2001: She goes back and tells her handler that Iraq has no information.

August 6th, 2001: They put out a Security Threat saying this attack is Imminent.

Dr. Richard Fuse told Susan Lindauer that SHE should contact Attorney General John Ashcroft and request for an Emergency Broadcast Alert across ALL Agencies seeking ANY Fragment of Intelligence involving any Hijacking of Planes to be flown into the World Trade Center.

****Are you people seeing how they do this? This is called quick Conditioning, quick Prepping – they make it look like it is coming from OUTSIDE the CIA, in this case from Iraq. This is called a FALSE FLAG Operation. They do them ALL the time. But they mentally prepare the minions, the ones "out of the know" in the CIA and FBI that they have intel on something, but that "INTEL" is their own internal plans. They use their own minions just as the military uses their soldiers and serviceman. The tell them lies so there will be no push back or resistance of any sorts.

Susan says that this phone call "Tripped some Wires" as it took away what is called "Plausible Deniability."

This is why they came after her and tried to destroy her so utterly, because they could not admit to the people that we had absolutely anticipated this thing.

We knew what was going to happen and how it was going down with one exception. Now this is hearsay as Susan says that she was told by someone who saw the World Trade Center Videos, from approximately August 23rd, to approximately September 3rd, 2001 – about 3 AM there were some Vans / trucks that would arrive AFTER the Janitorial trucks had left the building. There were no markings on the vans but they were able to get their Make, Model, Color and know they were not Janitor vans. But these Vans showed up for about 10 or 11 days and were NEVER seen or heard from again.

This is when they wired the building for Demolition.

The Hijackers were TRAINED Assets of the United States Government. Susan says she can Guarantee that "Assets" are HEAVILY Controlled.

But this is speculation from this point on – they could of used special technology to fly the planes remotely.

But what we do know is that they wanted the those buildings to come down. There was also NOT one single part of the Jets found. Not an engine part, not a piece of a wing, but magically they found a Passport?

NO, this was an inside False Flag Operation by our main Intelligence Agency of the United States.

Why? I heard it was planned a decade prior to steal gold and money and they wanted absolutely NO Evidence left behind. So they they used Thermite and other technologies to turn the Twin Towers into Dust.

When someone is a Government Intelligence Asset they have supervisors from both the CIA and by the Defense Intelligence Agency – DIA.

Was there a Jihad plot? Probably not.

Was there Hijackers? Susan says she does believe there were hijackers.

Susan says the people that they DID Identify were Assets. They worked for the United States Government.

The men that were identified as the Hijackers were not Jihadists. These guys smoked, went to strip clubs, chased women and real Jihadists would not do that.

Susan Lindauer says there was HEIGHTENED GPS and Heightened Cell Phone Activity which she says is VERY Unusual. She said on a scale of 1 to 10 the normal GPS signal is a 4, but on this day it was a 10. Something was boosting the signal.

Susan's CIA Handler – Dr. Richard Fuse received $13 Million Dollars, TAX FREE from the 911 Investigation Emergency Appropriations.

When Susan was under indictment, her own CIA handler, Richard Fuse refused to speak to her Attorneys for 5 years.

Susan says the reason you can trust me is because I PAID for this. I was locked up on a Military Base for a year. I was held under indictment for 5 years.

The Gov was so worried for what she was going to say that they wanted to Forcibly Drug her with Haldol, Ativan and Prozac. This would of Chemically Lobotomized Susan.

They petitioned the Court to detain Susan under the Patriot Act for 10 Years with NO Trial and No Hearing.

They told the Judge they had no idea on how long her "CURE" was going to take.

They accused her of being a Religious Maniac.

The JUSTICE DEPARTMENT petitioned to Forcibly Drug her while she was locked up.

The corporate mainstream media refused to cover her story at all.

What about the reports that the Hijackers are still alive and one actually is a pilot in Saudi Arabia? Susan says, yes, that she has heard this but she does not know.

What about the Serial Numbers of the planes, there have been Jets with these SAME Serial Numbers seen and in existence, so what about this?? Susan says she has heard but doesn't know.

Susan said that there was a pilot who shot down one of the Airplanes and he is in a Florida Prison right now.

Susan said that Iraq wanted the previous sanctions on them removed so bad that they were willing to settle for anything and they wanted Peace. She said this would have been a Prosperous Peace for the USA but the ONLY one that would be cut out of prosperity is the Military Industrial Complex. Without war they do not prosper.

The 911 Conspiracy is based off of something called Project Bojinka. Bojinka was designed by Ramzi Yousef who was the Mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center attack. In his grand scheme, 11 airplanes would be hijacked and attack all over the USA, they would hit the White House, the World Trade and other famous well known sites. So the CIA discovered this on Ramzi Youself's computer, the whole blueprint for the Nationwide Attack. Yousef named the plan "Bojinka."

So the military ran simulations of what to do if there was such an attack. One of the attacks was the Pentagon and the Pentagon said that it was too outrageous and no one would do this.

From September 10th – September 12th, 2001 NORAD was on High Alert and the Military was doing exercises. So the military was supposed to be on alert of any invasion of airspace on our Sovereignty.

Yet, even though those military jets were on high alert, they took NO action when the planes were hijacked.

Plane 93 was actually shot down by one of these pilots who they do not even want anyone knowing that plane 93 was shot down.

The Sanctions on Iraq were for Weapons of Mass Destruction and the sanctions would remain until all weapons of mass destruction were destroyed. It appears they were actually destroyed by 1996 or 1997, but the USA were not going to release the sanctions until Saddam was out of power.

In 2000 when Bill Clinton was still in office the International Loathing for Sanctions had become intense. An estimated 2 million people had died from sanctions. Germany and many other countries saw this and they began bringing food and supplies to Iraq and the CIA knew they were losing control of the sanctioning.

The CIA wanted their power back and fast, so they decided to insert Iraq into their 911 plot.

Under the Patriot Act they are allowed to have secret charges. They don't even have to be disclosed.

The Patriot Act is Modeled almost Verbatim from the Communist Soviet Criminal Act. This allows people to make accusations about their neighbors without having to Identify themselves.

Susan was not even allowed to see her Uncle who was her Attorney, he was not even allowed on base. All in the name of the Patriotic Act.

The Iraqi's wanted to give the Bush's hundreds of thousands of dollars to show them that they wanted to be friends with America. They were not supposed to do this and they had Susan go and tell them that if they do this we will bomb them.

There was NO reason for the USA to invade Libya, there was NO Justification at all.

Susan says that Libyan oil about 15 years ago cost only $1 to produce 1 Barrel of Oil. The United States had a Contract as they could take as much oil as they wanted. President Muammar Gaddafi had lots of GOLD and OIL.

So the USA had the Financial Crisis back in 2007 – 2008 and all of a sudden they attack Gaddafi who had lots of Gold and Oil.

Gaddafi had a huge reserve of Gold on their own land and 143 TONS of Gold in its Bank Vaults.

I have heard that Hillary and her crew as well as Military Industrial Complex stole this Gold.

Knowing this, is anyone surprised we are where we are today with a President who wasn't rightfully elected but selected by the NWO clan to finish off America and move the power to China?

I don't know how or if we are going to get out of the mess we are in now??