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Whoz Your Prez? Derek Johnson Explains It's DJT…& ByeDen got a Funeral Service on Jan 20 2021 😜


Derek Johnson, an army veteran who had top secret clearance while serving in the military, has emerged as a new darling to the truth folks. In this edited version of his much longer video, he explains why, according to easy-to-understand military law, federal law, United States Code, as well as military regulations and known (recorded, easy to look up) military symbolism, DT is BY LAW the current prez. No need to go to court, win a case, win any kind of fight/argument or prove anything …it's already the case and been so all along.

Meanwhile, ByeDen, on the day many thought he was "inaugurated", January 20 2021, actually received a full grade, regulation military funeral service on that day!~ πŸ˜‚

This was done in full view of everyone watching, which, any who knew how to interpret military symbolism and regulations, would have known.

Where he says 47 USC 246, he meant 47 USC 606.

Article containing Derek's document and links:…

Summary of DJT actions that make him current prez: Executive Orders: 13848 13959 13958 13919 13885 National Emergencies issued Presidential Emergencies issued Both unaddressed by Congress Presidential Emergency Active Document (PEAD) Stafford Act Presidential Emergencies Act Title 10 Title 32 10 US Code 246 10 US Code 12406 47 US Code 606 – War Powers of the President Articles II and IV of the Constitution Find Derek as RattleTrap 1776 on Telegram. Derek Johnson Country on TS. His website: