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50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot (NOT) – Dr. Mercola

The title of this blog should be enough to pique your interest in learning whether or not to haul your child into the doctor's office for a COVID shot.

That said, Margaret Anna Alice's Through the Looking Glass blog offers a list of 50 "reasons" to consider. For example, just a few them in support of getting the shot are:

  • You'd like to boost your child's chances of catching COVID multiple times.
  • You want to downgrade your child's natural immunity to antibody-dependent enhancements.
  • You want your child to be a real-life guinea pig.
  • You're too busy to research the risks of a novel gene therapy that lacks long-term safety data.
  • You trust the "experts," not science.
  • Your life is boring and you want to spice it up with some tragedy.

For the other 44 ideas and some real concerns you may not be aware of, click the link below.

SOURCE: Margaret Anna Alice September 4, 2022


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