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Esteemed Cardiologist: 'Stop This Rollout NOW' – Dr. Joseph Mercola


It's a scandal of gargantuan degrees. Some are even calling the cover up of deaths and permanent disabilities in those who have taken the mRNA COVID shots to be the biggest story in the world.

From everyday citizens to high-profile entertainment figures to leading government and world health leaders like British Medical Association honorary vice president Kailash Chand, these shots are not only harming, but killing, countless numbers of people, and it's time to stop the rollout of this injection program, says Dr. Aseem Malhotra, an esteemed cardiologist who is keeping track of the devastating numbers.

"They (politicians & media) may keep their hands over their eyes, but we can see them & the silence is DEAFENING," Malhotra tweeted. "Please stop this roll out NOW."


Twitter Dr. Aseem Malhotra December 18, 2022