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Ohio Train Wreck: Are Mounting Health Concerns Another Chernobyl? – Dr. Joseph Mercola


Warning: video contains explicit language

Residents of the Ohio community where a train loaded with chemicals derailed February 3, were told by environmental officials it's safe to return, but some say they are experiencing negative health effects anyway. They also report seeing dead fish in local waterways.

Officials burned off vinyl chloride after the wreck in an effort to circumvent an explosion and said they would be monitoring the air and water, but one commenter on Twitter says,, "there is more to the story."

"Norfolk Southern seems to be operating hand in hand with the government in this area, going so far as to arrest reporters covering certain details of the incident," Libertarian Party Mises Caucus writes. "The company has a strong lobbying presence and has been trickling out preparedness grants to emergency response and nonprofit organizations in the areas that they operate, building dependency and increasing local departments' willingness to 'play ball' with the company in suppressing information."

In a long thread, several tweets indicate distrust of the government and frustration that major media doesn't seem to be interested in investigating or reporting it.



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