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World Death Organization – Documentary


World Death Organization

Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante of and Immune to the System Films presents:

World Death Organization – A History of Scientific Eugenics

Eugenics – translated from greek meaning "Good genes" – aims to "improve the gene pool" by preventing the passing of "bad genes". Scientific eugenics is the philosophies of eugenics applied to scientific pursuits to sterilize, rape and murder the population considered to have "bad genes" to "improve the human population".

Although the term eugenics was first coined in the 1800's, the history of the world can not be properly and accurately depicted without telling the history of scientific eugenics.

World Death Organization is the first film in history to attempt to cover the history of scientific eugenics. A chronological exploration of rare footage and original-source documents exposing the secrets of scientific eugenicists.

This film aims to end the forced permanent sterilization laws of disabled people that currently exist in 31 American States. Additionally, this film hopes to end the concept of "bad genes" leading as the justification for compulsory permanent sterilization.

Immune to the System is an independent film, documentary, and comedy channel by comedians Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante, who are also a husband and wife team. Lila and Eric come from the old-school of stand-up comedy, seeking the truth wherever they can reveal it. After all, it's only funny if it's true.

Immune to the System aims to provide our audience with information, footage, and evidence that exposes the lies the system uses to perpetuate their apartheid. Our first feature film "American History of Voter Fraud" is the first and only voter fraud film to cover the entire span of election rigging in American history. (1800s-2022)

From the creators of American History of Voter Fraud comes their 3rd feature film of 2022.

American History of Voter Fraud (July 4th, 2022)
Two Hours of Dick – The Dick Gregory Story (October 1st, 2022)
World Death Organization (December 24th, 2022)

A free film for public education purposes.

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