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MUST-SEE: Jan 6 Security Cameras GET MOVED at Pivotal Moment


Are the Capitol Police lying to the American people? Blaze Media investigative reporter Steve Baker joins the podcast to discuss his latest finding about the January 6th. Steve was able to uncover NEVER-before-seen camera footage of the disposal of the "explosive" device, and during his research, he noticed that key cameras around the surrounding area were "moved" away from the scene. Are the Capitol Police trying to hide from the public? Are we EVER going to find out why key cameras were moved? ► Watch MORE BlazeTV YouTube Videos: ► Visit the BRAND NEW Ad-Free 'Blaze News' Website: ► Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! ► Join BlazeTV! ► Grab some sweet Blaze Media merch here: ► Sign up for our NEWSLETTER:… Connect with us on Social Media: #blazetv #stevebaker #patgray #j6 #jan6 #january6 #jan6th #january6th