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EXPOSING George Soros' Plan to Turn Texas into a Democrat State


A stealthy ruling by a little-known court in Texas could hand the largest Republican state over to the Democrats in upcoming elections. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins Glenn to expose the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which is supposedly made up of 9 "Republican" members. But it recently voted 8-1 to take a major power away from the Texas Attorney General that falls directly in line with the work of George Soros to "reform" state judicial systems. So, what gives? Paxton explains what this decision could lead to and what Texans can do to push back before it's too late. ► Watch MORE BlazeTV YouTube Videos: ► Visit the BRAND NEW Ad-Free 'Blaze News' Website: ► Subscribe to BlazeTV YouTube! ► Join BlazeTV! ► Grab some sweet Blaze Media merch here: ► Sign up for our NEWSLETTER:… Connect with us on Social Media: #glennbeck #blazetv #kenpaxton #georgesoros #judicialsystem #texaspolitics #texasnews #news #politics #politicalnews