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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals the comprehensive list of VACCINE INJURY MECHANISMS that explain all the injuries and deaths


COVID-19 vaccine dangers with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. (0:00)

– COVID-19 vaccine mechanisms of injury. (0:50)

– COVID vaccine injuries and mechanisms of injury. (4:16)

– COVID-19 vaccine injuries and autoimmune diseases. (9:56)

– COVID vaccine side effects and detoxification strategies. (17:07)

– COVID vaccine risks and natural remedies for recovery. (24:20)

– Vaccine mechanisms and their effects on human health. (27:58)

– Depopulation agenda and vaccine harm. (33:44)

– Government corruption and vaccine hesitancy. (38:44)

– Vaccine safety and government corruption. (43:04)

– Vaccine safety and health freedom. (48:23)

– Organic, lab-tested instant meals and superfoods. (52:45)

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