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Brighteon Broadcast News, June 13, 2024 – "Pagpag" cannibalism will see vax-terminated dead Americans recycled and fed to the living as "green" climate-friendly food – Brighteon


– Chinese drone technology, including search and rescue and kamikaze drones.

– Military capabilities and population vs. GDP. (2:35)

– US dependence on foreign supply chains and naval power. (9:33)

– Geopolitical tensions between US and #Russia, covering #Ukraine and economic sanctions. (30:29)

– The decline of America, including societal changes and economic challenges. (40:38)

– Pagpag recycled food in the Philippines, scavenging and selling leftover meat. (59:54)

– Selling edible insects in grocery stores.

– #Cannibalism and #depopulation in America. (1:12:20)

– AI, UFOs, and the war on truth with film director Chris Berg. (1:35:25)

– FBI investigation and government #tyranny. (1:43:16)

– Government lies about January 6th events. (1:52:28)

– Stolen elections, dehumanization, and FBI tactics. (1:55:55)

– Chinese military infiltration in the US, human #trafficking, and border security. (2:05:12)

– Fifth generation warfare and its impact on the US military and society. (2:13:16)

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