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Interview with Chris Burgard, director of The War on Truth movie that exposes the deep state's WAR against the people – Brighteon


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– Filmmaking and national security threats. (0:00)

– FBI investigation and intimidation tactics. (4:05)

– FBI's alleged misconduct and abuse of power. (9:10)

– Stolen elections, government lies, and public outcry. (13:45)

– Government's actions towards Christians and truth. (18:46)

– Potential for civil unrest and military intervention in the US. (24:37)

– Chinese military presence in the US, vaccine mandates and their impact on the military, and potential targets for attack. (29:00)

– Government corruption and the need for non-violent resistance. (36:14)

– US government's actions on January 6, including use of deadly force and conspiracy theories. (39:26)

– Political unrest, violence, and information warfare in the US. (43:38)

– US politics, censorship, and health products. (49:07)

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