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Brighteon Broadcast News, July 2, 2024 – Enraged Leftists call for targeted assassinations of US Supreme Court Justices and WAR against conservatives


– SCOTUS decision on presidential immunity and its impact on upcoming election. (0:03)

– Biden refuses to budge, even as DNC and donors want him out. (18:48)

– Wild food harvesting and foraging for nutrition. (34:46)

– Micro impact plate for bone density and mobility. (44:31)

– Cancer treatment using fenbendazole. (54:54)

– Jeffrey Epstein files released. (1:02:35)

– Radical Leftists call for assassinations of conservative Supreme Court justices. (1:02:35)

– US domestic war preparations, enemies prepositioned, weapons caches established. (1:10:24)

– Election integrity, Second Amendment rights, and selective prosecution by the regime. (1:39:33)

– Ukraine corruption and financial fraud. (2:12:41)

– Iowa to seize farms to build massive terraforming machines to destroy the world. (2:21:51)

– Technology for immune support and free speech. (2:37:50)

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