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They say the next Plandemic is going to be the Marburg virus.

This is a haemorrhaging fever similar to Ebola with an 88% mortality rate.
Now firstly don't worry, the ones pushing this agenda won't release anything that would kill them.
This will be fake Marburg.
Many of the covid vaccine injured are displaying clots and uncontrollable bleeding.
This will be claimed to be Marburg.
GAVI and the WEF are already making announcements about the virus.
They've already developed a PCR test for Marburg, even though there is no official 'pandemic' yet.
More worryingly, they're already rushing through a 'vaccine' for Marburg.
Even more worryingly, the main ingredient in the new vaccine is Ricin. One of the most toxic poisons on the planet.
They will allow the vaccinated to travel globally this Christmas. They'll need a cover for people bringing 'the virus' back to their home countries.
A new pandemic will be declared, they'll claim there is asymptomatic spread. The media will pump fear harder than we've ever seen.
People will lose their minds believing that there is a pandemic of something with an 88% chance of making them bleed out and die.
At this stage jabs will be mandatory and the police and military goon squads will be in full force trying to 'save humanity' and dragging off people who refuse the Marburg vaccine to the now built concentration camps to be forcibly injected.
The Ricin 'vaccine' is the real death shot and there will be billions of people lining up for it and fighting to be at the front of the lines.
If you think you've seen panic during COVID.