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Remdesivir is causing many diagnosed Covid Patients to Die

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Exposed by Dr. Ardis

4 Lethal Side Effects related to Remdesivir

1. Multiple Organ Failure

2. Acute Kidney Failure

3. Septic Shock

4. Hypotension

The protocol for treating a patient according to the CDC is from Fauci and is on the NIH website for the medical industry. It says do not treat patients with Hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine as it is bad for the Covid Patients (which by the way is now known that hundreds of doctors are saying they knew better and this helped most patients completely recover and avoid hospitalization within 24 hours). It also says that the only treatment should be Remdesivir.


By the way, Fauci's NIH in 2005 had a study with Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus and it was effective but you will never ever hear about this – first because it works and second because of the cheap cost.

Remdesivir Poisoning is what is killing the patients. This is a genocide. Remdesivir can cause the Kidneys to fail and they are blaming it on Covid. No virus in history has caused Kidney failure like this and it is definitely not the so called "Coronavirus" causing this.

Remdesivir shuts down the kidneys. The kidneys remove water from the body. If the body doesn't have the water removed it will fill up the lungs. Then they will say you have Covid Pneumonia which is a bunch of bullshit. It is the untested drug Remdesivir that caused the damage.

Once an individual begins drowning in their own fluids because of Remdesivir, the protocol is place the patient on a ventallator.

Once on a Ventilator – this cocktail or very similar will be prescribed:

Here is what they were giving their patients: all of these drugs are used for anesthesia.

Nimbex 100mg

Precedex 400 mg – sedative

Fentanyl 25 mcg – sedative

Heparin 25,000 units – blood thinner

Versad – Midazolam 50mg

Levophed 16000 units– vasoconstrictor – blood pressure

Propofol – 10 mg

Vasopressin -100 units – blood pressure I assume

There was one more it sounded like Neo which is a thyroid med.

ALL these drugs are being run into the person at the same time. Yeah, what a cocktail. The nurse says if a patient is on this for more than a week they will never wake back up and if they do will have permanent damage.

Did you ever wonder why hospitals and doctors were being SUPER Reimbursed by Insurance for Diagnosing patients with Covid-19? Because there is an agenda and the agenda has absolutely nothing to do with the health of patients, in fact quite the antonym.

A sick patient is a good patient.

All of this could be helped by taking these three prescriptions: Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Regeneron.

Supplements to be added with this are: Vitamin C – take 3,000 mg every two hours at the beginning of symptoms, Vitamin D 6,000 IU Daily, Zinc – take 30 mg every 4 hours upon onset of symptoms, Licorice Root Tinture – 3 tablespoons every hour – this will help stop the reproduction of the virus in its track and significantly reduce viral load, Cat's Claw – this will help kill the virus at a pace in which it will NOT cause a cytokine attack, L-lysine- this will help kill the virus – must take 6,000 mg twice daily and Quercetin – this will help the zinc enter the cells to stop the virus.

COSTS: Hydroxychloroquine costs pennies, the average cost is $37 per 100 – 200 mg tablets. The cost for Remdesivir is $3,120 per patient. Hmm, so now we know that Hydroxychloroquine works very, very well (with the addition of zinc as the hydroxychloroquine opens zinc cell channels) – I have at least 10 doctors who have testified on video that they haven't lost a patient and we now are aware that Remdesivir causes multiple organ failure leading deaths among those with multiple comorbidities and costs about 9 years worth of Hydroxychloroquine just for ONE single dose. Oh, I see, now it makes perfect sense. Are you waking up yet?

Ivermectin may be the drug of choice. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are the two SAFEST drugs in world drug history. But yet the CDC says to take Remdesivir as the two Safest Drugs in History may cause Harm. For Christ Sake people, Wake the Hell up and at the very least take a look at this for yourselves. The media is lying and controlled. They are given scripts they HAVE to tell the people. It is called propaganda.

Also before you decide to get a jab or get another booster jab, keep this in mind. THE AVERAGE AGE OF SOMEONE DYING FROM COVID-19 IS 82 YEARS OLD

According to the CDC, the average age of someone dying from COVID-19 is 82 years. The average life span of an American is 80 years.

If your personal physician will not prescribe these drugs. Here are doctors who will, and the very first on the list is only $25 charge. *Note: on the bottom of that page are doctors who prescribe Nationwide if you cannot find your state listed.


'Quarantine' is when you restrict the movement of sick people.

'Tyranny' is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.

Deaths and Side Effects – HOME – scroll down to Deaths and Side Effects.


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