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The Coup of United States of America Happening Now

The Coup of the United States of America occurring right now.

We have to unite as one nation and we have to fight for our freedom. If we don't control our own bodies then what do we control?

Our constitution has been trashed, ripped up and thrown away. For the Courts to say your case has no standing OR they don't want to get into this because it is too political is criminal itself. They took an OATH for a Life Appointment that was given to them for the specific reason of avoiding political tensions / pressures.

When Justice is based off of Political preferences, we have some problems. They need to wake up and get this to juries.

The way that the Court Systems and Law Firms play this is by DISCOVERY.

When you file a lawsuit you file a complaint. A complaint is where you say to the other side, "we think that you did this wrong and it is illegal." "We are asking you the Court to make a decision on if it is illegal and to reward an appropriate remedy." Then you name the remedies you are asking for. You put this in the Court and the Court will look at it and what the court is supposed to say is let's go to DISCOVERY.

What is happening is that the other side is saying that we can't have this and we can't have that so discovery would be a complete and total waste of time. There is no standing and this whole thing needs to be thrown out.

The Pleading Requirements were met to be very basic. The Courts have decided that they don't want to deal with these type of issues because they are difficult. It is complicated and it will take more time.

So once the Complaint is filed and assuming you can get past the Motion bullshit, then the Court will issue Discovery. Discovery means that you have to share the Relevant information/issues about the complaint.

It shouldn't be that complicated but the courts are using this "You have no standing" bullshit because they don't want to get involved because it could take more work, cause more attention directed their way and they are afraid of offending the wrong politicians in fear they could lose their jobs and pensions.

Everything is being run off of FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.


So what do they do? They FEAR – Forget Everything and Run.

What should they be doing? FEAR – Face Everything and Rise.

Our Constitution has been infringed upon. They have shut down our churches and our business. They have forced vaccinations for employment. They have forced our children to wear masks. They have changed laws to help them do this. They changed the definition of a Vaccine so they could call their experimental mRNA drug a vaccine. Why did they want it to be a Vaccine? The pharmaceuticals have an indemnification agreement in which they can not be held liable for a VACCINE injury, thus why they had to call it a vaccine.

The 2022 election will be HUGE. If we allow them to cheat once again it is over for us forever. They will take complete control and change ALL laws that protect us.

This IS a Coup of some very bad guys taking over our country and to initiate the New World Order by 2025.

The COVID Lie is being exposed more and more daily. Omicron is the VACCINE Variant, not a virus variant.

When they approved the Vaccine for children, about the same time, they say we find a mutant variant that is very strange. VAED – vaccine associated enhanced disease may present severe or very unusual clinical manifestations of Covid-19.

Where did this come from? It came from the Pfizer's own documents that Thomas Renz just received from the FOIA – Freedom of Information Act.

Now, we know that Pfizer and Moderna and the rest of vaccine manufacturers are not liable if the vaccine accidentally hurts or kills people… BUT, what if they are INTENTIONALLY hurting and killing people?

Are they immune from liability if they knew the vaccine would hurt people?

NO, if they have or had knowledge in any way that this vaccine would hurt people they are NO longer immune from liability. Knowledge of an intentional crime vitiates all contracts of liability immunity.

There is NO immunity for Willful Misconduct. That is EXACTLY what will bring these bastards down. But the court system is very slow and it kind of follows the overall pulse of the people. Right now most people believe that Big Pharma is trying to help us.

When lid comes off that Covid was a planned and created event to provide a solution to serve a means towards a communist one world order coup which included controlling the people with vaccine passports – is when things change. When the majority of the people realize this, that is when things change fast.

They know they have to keep the FEAR levels very high as from now on you will learn how Dangerous this Omicron variant is. The propaganda will get very focused and the news anchors will use their Manchurian training to communicate that message loud and clear.

According to Thomas Renz – an attorney fighting for the American People on this attempted coup and genocide – The CDC knew that the vaccines were deadly when they approved them. He says there are 1,223 deaths in less than 2 ½ months.

He says that they pushed this ahead knowingly and immunity is no more.

Thomas says that Gov officials need to be held accountable also. BUT – he says, if he would go after someone like Fauci and he loses, they will come back on him and make him pay for the law fees and he says they will deliberately raise them.

Thomas Renz also says that he is going to eventually sue the media.

Thomas has slides from an old CDC presentation which shows the recipe for success which is how to scare people into taking a vaccine. The measure their success off of the fear and anxiety of society. If societies fear and anxiety levels are graded high, their propaganda campaign has been successful.

Their main objective is to induce fear and anxiety in people so they are forced to act. That action is going for the SOLUTION that they ALREADY had before fear propaganda campaign and that solution is of course multiple vaccinations.

If they can get people to take the vaccines they travel vaccine passports will be EASY to enforce.

The next three years 2022, 2023 and 2024 as the masses wake up and realize what is going on, we will see the most change that has ever happened in such a short period of just three years.

That is the Coup Plan that is being executed very well right as of December 15, 2021.