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Senate Committee on State Affairs on Covid-19 Vaccine (Needs to be shared).

Senator Hall had 5 Simple Questions Regarding the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines

1. Question: With your experience going back to 1999, has there been another vaccine that had the high incidence of hospitalizations and deaths that this vaccine is now showing?
A. Answer: Not to this extent. Not even close.

2. Question: Would any other vaccine had been pulled from the market?
A. Answer: Absolutely. It would have been pulled within the first few, just as we have seen from the past.

3 Question: Have you seen any other vaccine that was put out to the public that skipped the animal tests?
A. Answer: Never before. Especially for children.

4. Question: What I have read is that they actually started the animal studies and discontinued because the animals were all dying they stopped the test?
A. Answer: Right.

He says: "Folks I think it is important to understand that the American people are the Guinea Pigs, this is the test that is going on." "They didn't do the human testing and they stopped the animal tests because the animals were dying and then they turned it out to the public." "Now we are looking at businesses that want to mandate that this experimental vaccine be given to people as a condition of their employment. Yet we have this death count that continues to rise and be completely ignored."

5. Question: Do you agree with what I am saying?
A. Answer: Absolutely.