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Piece by piece, the official covid narrative is rapidly disintegrating – Natural News

Source Link: Piece by piece, the official covid narrative is rapidly disintegrating

Image: Piece by piece, the official covid narrative is rapidly disintegrating

(Natural News) As the narrative surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) global psy-op (psychological operation) continues to break down, here are five things you need to know (as explained by Steve Kirsch):

1) Even the World Health Organization (WHO) is warning against covid "booster" shots

It made sense to some people to just go along with it when it was just one or two doses. But now that governments want people to take a third or even a fourth injection for the Fauci Flu, many are saying enough is enough.

Both EEU regulators and officials at WHO now admit that booster shots do not make sense, which is why they are advising the public against taking them. There is no evidence to support a booster shot program and everybody knows it.

2) More jabs means more infections

They have been trying to hide this fact from the public, but the data clearly shows that the more shots people get, the more likely they are to develop symptoms associated with "covid."

The unvaccinated, meanwhile, are healthier, on average, compared to their "fully vaccinated" counterparts.

3) Covid jabs are NOT safe

On top of not working as claimed, covid injections are also unsafe. Many formerly pro-vaccine doctors and other health experts are speaking out against the shots, warning that they do not work.

"This is great news," Kirsch writes. "Nobody is going public yet, but they are all [upset] and realize they have been misled. It will not be pretty. This is of course great news."

4) Face masks do not protect against disease (hint: they spread MORE of it)

It took a long time to get to this point, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally admitted that cloth masks are useless at preventing the spread of covid or any other disease.


Corrupt CDC head Rochelle Walensky had no way out of fessing up to this truth after data was published showing that face veils are more of a religious rite than a viable medical intervention.

"The other mask types don't work either, but it will take them longer to figure out the obvious," Kirsh says.

"P100 respirators do work but only a small percentage of people know that. I can't wait to see Rochelle Walensky wear a P100 respirator; after all, she should be modelling best practices."

5) Young people especially should not be getting "boosted"

Even though Tony Fauci claims otherwise, there is zero evidence to suggest that covid injections are safe or effective for young people.

In fact, many doctors and other health experts are warning against parents getting their children "boosted," despite the fact that leftist colleges and universities all across the country are demanding them of students who wish to return to campus.

"Someone is very wrong here and for once it isn't the WHO," Kirsh says.

A few other things Kirsch says people should know is that remdesivir is dangerous and ineffective. It has become standard procedure to administer this drug to covid patients at hospitals across America, but only because Fauci makes money every time remdesivir is injected into a patient's body.

Also, social distancing is a farce. MIT came out with a study back in April which found that avoiding other people and treating them like the walking plague does nothing to stop the spread of disease.

"6 feet or 60 feet made no difference," Kirsch writes. "People still haven't figured this out."

One of Kirsch's subscribers pointed out that it was obvious from the beginning that all of this was nonsense. But better late than never, right?

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