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Murder rates across U.S. soared in 2021 to record levels amid engineered collapse of society – Natural News

The official numbers are out, and they show that the murder rate in the United States is currently the highest it has been in 25 years.

Nearly 20,000 people, according to the figures, lost their lives last year in America to someone else deliberately and maliciously ending them. The last time things were this bad was in 1996 and prior, which was recognized as a time of thick violent crime.

The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic apparently caused a dramatic spike in the nation's murder rate, which had generally been on the decline prior.

The FBI now estimates that the murder rate has reached 6.9 per 100,000 people, which is just a hair lower than the 7.4 murders per 100,000 people that was recorded in 1996.

Howard Safir, who served as the New York Police Department commissioner during the crime spike of the 90s, told Fox News the other day that he believes the media's fueling of anti-police sentiment after George Floyd is also to blame.

Safir described this phenomenon as the "woke mentality that assumes police are racist and brutal."

"If crimes continue to be committed in large numbers, and police continue not to have the backing of politicians and the public, then they're not going to do their job the way they did when I was commissioner," Safir added.

Covid protocols are killing people, not saving their lives

This could be the case, but why, then, was violent crime higherat the time when Safir was commissioner compared to now?

A more likely explanation for the current scenario is the sudden spike in tyranny, including mask mandates, "vaccine" mandates, lockdowns and other totalitarian, anti-social impositions that ruined many people's lives.


A society can only take so much beating before people start to lash out, and the spike in murders that began right when the plandemic was launched illustrates that.

Areas of the country where the most murders are currently happening – this includes large cities like Chicago and Los Angeles – are also areas where the strictest and most oppressive "public safety" measures were imposed. (Related: Hospitals are also trying to murder patients to boost "covid" numbers.)

"In Chicago, the homicide figure hit 797, up 25 from 2020. Minneapolis also experienced numbers that its Police Department has not seen since 1995," reported Just the News.

"Los Angeles reached its highest murder figure in a decade-and-a-half with 397, and the NYPD reported 488 murders in 2021, up by nearly 200 annual killings since 2018."

Left-wing media outlets like The New York Times are of course trying to politicize this spike in murders by claiming that they are occurring "disproportionately" – the "woke" mob loves that word – in areas where minorities live, which somehow proves that cops are racist.

"Shootings are historically concentrated in impoverished, minority communities," wrote German Lopez for the Times. "Most homicide victims are Black. And Black Americans were eight times as likely to be murder victims in 2020 as their white counterparts."

What Lopez failed to tell his readers is that most perpetrators of murder are also black, meaning blacks are killing other blacks at a disproportionate rate (how come they never tell anyone this?).

Lopez does, however, admit that many experts agree that the plandemic is largely responsible for fueling the violence that has increased over the past several years.

"Social services and supports that help keep crime down vanished overnight," Lopez notes.

"Schools could no longer keep unruly teens safe and distracted. A broader sense of disorder and chaos could have fueled a so-called moral holiday, in which people disregard laws and norms."

More of the latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny and how it is fueling violent crime can be found at Fascism.news.

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