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It's Time for a Second Look at Convalescent Plasma to Treat COVID – Dr. Mercola

In a ground-breaking story for mainstream media, Minnesota's StarTribune suggests that the state's political leaders "could — and should — join the call" to reevaluate the value of using convalescent plasma to treat COVID patients.

The plasma, donated by persons who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection, is a therapy that not only is natural, but could be given promptly to patients to lower the possibility of a hospital admission, the paper said:

"Convalescent plasma has a long history helping combat disease. Before there were antibiotics and antivirals, physicians recognized that recovering patients could help others from becoming seriously ill. The reason: the antibodies they naturally manufactured.

Blood donated by these patients can be 'processed to remove blood cells, leaving behind liquid (plasma) and antibodies,' according to the Mayo Clinic. The antibodies can then be infused into the newly ill. It's like having a seasoned platoon show up to assist immune system soldiers."

SOURCE: StarTribune February 6, 202