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Dr. Andreas Kalcker on how CDS helps reverse vaccine-triggered blood clotting by Removing Graphene

Biophysics researcher Dr. Andreas Kalcker discussed the blood clotting that many vaccinees experience and how CDS helps degrade the micro clots responsible for this condition.

A testimony that has impacted Dr. Kalcker is that of Manu, a tattoo artist who has been tattooing people for 25 years and who claims that when he performs his art on people's skin they no longer bleed. Dr. Kalcker pointed out that this is a sign of coagulation that can be solved thanks to chlorine dioxide.

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: I'm very happy because, right now, the question that a lot of people are asking is "What's going on?" So, the things is… So, the thing is, of course, they're saying, "What's going on with me now?" Because of course, a lot of people —most people, in fact—, have been inoculated. And then, they've been told one thing and then another. Because, of course, they're told that it's a vaccine and, really, what they've really received is a genetic experiment. And those who have become aware of it are tired, without strength and defenses. In other words, people catch colds very easily and from anything.

And, of course, there's a very obvious truth. It's much easier to deceive than to wait for the deceived to realize the trap. And of course, people ask, "What now?" "What am I going to do? I'm already (inoculated)."

So, the fantastic thing that we have, and we already have a certainty, is that dioxide also works for precisely what we're seeing. Because what we're seeing is coagulation in the blood. What's coagulation? It's very simple. For example, you get bitten by a snake. And then you take, for example, a blood test, and you add the snake venom factor, the blood coagulates. So this is a well-known thing. There are many references. Many. And then, of course, blood coagulation is a factor that, from conventional medicine, what will be done? Well, prescribe an anticoagulant, such as warfarin, which is a substance equal to rat poison. And which, in the long term, will cause strokes, etc. It's not a solution at all. However, chlorine dioxide is a solution because we have seen that it directly dissolves these mini clots before they get bigger. And this is what people are seeing all over the world.

Yesterday, I received a message from a tattoo artist telling me, "Andreas, I have been tattooing for 25 years, and something strange is going on." And I asked him, "Well, what's going on?" "Normally, when I'm tattooing, little drops of blood come out, but now, not anymore." "Not anymore." "The skin doesn't react. It's a very strange thing that I'm seeing." And that's, obviously, one of the first signs of micro-coagulation. That's how it starts. Then, it gradually gets worse.

And then, well, people who are already taking the dioxide from the beginning, in this way, it dissolves these micro-clots because we have seen it under a microscope. And of course, people can see it on my website and other places, as well. It really is capable of doing this. So what are the COMUSAV doctors saying quite correctly? You have to take it. You have to take it for three to six months. Or longer in severe cases. And it's okay because, really, even if you take it for a year or 15, like me, you're not going to die. You're not going to have serious side effects either.

So, it's taking protocol C if I don't know anything. And with this, I'm already getting rid of these clots. And if I can, if I'm more advanced in this, I can also do the AI (Anti Inoculation) protocol that's on COMUSAV's website. This is a fact, and we have a solution. That is, people many times, and on many, many websites, are complaining, complaining, complaining. And whether it's this or that. Complaining isn't a solution. Nobody gets cured. So we must know and let all the people around the world know that there's a solution. And that solution exists, and it isn't toxic. And it's being taken by millions of people at this point.

Injected microtechnology stops working if graphene is removed from the body

Dr. Martín Monteverde reported for OMV (World Organization for Life) that although there isn't yet a known way to remove the injected microcircuitry from the body, removal of the graphene oxide causes it to stop working.




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