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Could COVID Jabs Age Blood Vessels 50 Years in 6 Months?- Dr. Joseph Mercola

Evidence shows that the COVID shots "clearly can disrupt calcification inhibitors," and that at least one study done in Hong Kong shows that the calcification can begin within two days of the injections.

Add that to "repeated jabs, tight muscular mass, leaky blood vessels and injection close to/in either the circulatory, or the lymphatic system, are all factors that would increment the vascular damage," and you have a recipe for devastating aging to the vessels.

"One can only imagine the same process can occur more slowly, and possibly in a more diffuse manner with calcium-phosphate crystals circulating in the blood stream, in ever growing number. That would translate necessarily into unimaginable Gout-like symptoms … which I nevertheless found in VAERS in 2,255 instances," says science and biotech analyst Marc Girardot.


SOURCE: Marc Girardot March 12, 2022t