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The Failures of Electric Vehicles, the Choice Will Remain Internal Combustion Vehicles

Why Are Car Makers Still Developing Internal Combustion Engines? Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! – goo.gl/VZstk7 Recommended Books & Car Products – amzn.to/2BrekJm Why are car manufacturers still improving and spending money on combustion engines in the year 2020? Should all development research be going into electric cars and electric vehicle technology? Unfortunate news if you think ICE transportation is going away in the near future to be solely replaced by electric vehicles (EVs). The internal combustion engine is still incredibly relevant today, and can still use further improvements in order to reduce global emissions. In this video we'll discuss scientific issues facing electric cars, environmental problems with ditching combustion engine research, how cost impacts customer decisions and manufacturer profits, and ultimately how consumer choice plays a large role in this industry. If you've ever wondered why combustion engines are still being developed, this video breaks down all the details. Related Videos: Are EVs Actually Cleaner? – youtu.be/6RhtiPefVzM Are Teslas Green? – youtu.be/2rywz73vwKw Are Lithium Batteries Bad? – youtu.be/1mXSMwZUiCU Living With An Electric Car – youtu.be/cXkRcuwoIm4 Engineering Explained is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. Don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: www.facebook.com/engineeringex… Official Website: www.howdoesacarwork.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 Instagram: www.instagram.com/engineeringe… Car Throttle: www.carthrottle.com/user/engi… Amazon: www.amazon.com/shop/engineeri… EE Extra: www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrY… NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!