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LIVE:The SEC's NWO Attack on Corporations in America + Snake Venom – The Daily Mojo


Day 755 of 15 days to flatten the curve.

The Daily Mojo is 2 hours of news, commentary, comedy, and auditory deliciousness.

Conspiracy Theory Thursday :

Employees of large and small companies around the country are being forced to take "Microaggresion Training" workshops. Why? Feelings are being hurt. Boohoo. Wait until you hear about the origin of this mindset. Big Brother is watching now more than ever and at least one airport is using a robot to keep an eye on you. China has locked down millions of people and is effectively starving them to death. Could that happen here?

David G, our Director of Global Security, joins the program – albeit late, thanks to what he says is a police department rampant with incompetence.  He also talks about other stuff, too.

Cesar Ybarra, VP of Policy at Freedomworks, is warning us all about the woke SEC's intentions to force NWO crap and environmental reporting regulations on companies.


Peter Serefine's Liberty Minute & Aaron Barker's Breakdown are part of the show, as well.

All things in one place:
All things in one place:

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