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Pfizer Classified Trial Adverse Reactions as Not Related to the Shots – Dr. Joseph Mercola

In the Pfizer clinical trials for the COVID-19 shots, the drug company classified almost all serious adverse events to "not related" to the injections, and announced the shots were safe.

The FDA released some of the 80,000 pages of trial documents June 1, 2022, and a close reading of them shows "numerous instances of participants who sustained severe adverse events during Phase 3 trials. Some of these participants withdrew from the trials, some were dropped and some died," according to The Defender and Children's Health Defense.

Many of the adverse events were related to heart problems such as pericarditis, pulmonary embolism and thrombosis, but none was listed as a red flag against the shots. In truth, there were many serious adverse events, The Defender says — including six deaths, which were not described in detail as they were determined to not being related to the study.

In an SSRI journal report June 1, 2022, outside investigators noted that "The excess risk of serious adverse events of special interest surpassed the risk reduction for COVID-19 hospitalization relative to the placebo group in both Pfizer and Moderna trials."



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