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COVID-Jabbed Americans Have Dramatically Increased Rate of Myocarditis 500x – Dr. Mercola

Americans who took the COVID-19 shots have dramatically increased risks of cardiac inflammation, to the tune of 500 times higher than what the CDC actually reports, according to researcher Steve Kirsch.

Kirsch isn't pulling the numbers out of thin air. Specifically, myocarditis, a serious type of heart inflammation is reported in numerous studies on the shots, including one in the journal Nature, which found that rates of the condition can be up to 140 times what is considered normal.

And, while the CDC acknowledges that myocarditis rates are "slightly" elevated in COVID-jabbed persons, the real rate is 536 times higher than the highest value the CDC admits to.

Unfortunately, "doctors will remain silent on this as they are not permitted to challenge [the CDC's] 'safe and effective' narrative," Kirsch says.

SOURCE: Steve Kirsch Substack June 28, 2022