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The Court
Song by ANBR

WATCH what happens when a Mama Bear takes down a Fake News Baier…

Devin again asks what the government's involvement in January 6th was and points out the lack of equal justice for January 6th prisoners compared to the 2020 BLM rioters.

The Government Is Not Trustworthy With the Health of Your Children; Don't Gamble Their Future

Covid Vaccines and Infertility

BREAKING — 5th Circuit agrees to reconsider federal employees' case challenging the Biden

A huge win for election integrity in a week full of conservative legal victories.

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words – Now Playing:

Clarence Thomas likes to RV

The elites are scared – Too many are waking up too fast – Dr Paul Thomas

Another advocate for the jab dies from the jab

Comedian wasn't joking around – He regretted taking it – Soon after… it killed him

Ghislaine Maxwell jailed 20 years for recruiting girls that Jeffrey Epstein & Co would abuse

ICYMI 🚨 This morning, Justice Clarence Thomas signaled interest in making it easier to sue THE MEDIA

Stenger testified that there was paid professional agitators at January 6th.
Is that what they didn't want out?


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