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Heart Disease in Children Explodes Since the Vaccine – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Heart conditions in children who don't normally get heart disease are being reported since they started getting the COVID jabs, and The Irish Light is bringing light to the topic by criticizing mainstream media for its silence on the topic.

To ignore this and continue onward with the shot program is "the greatest crime ever committed by an Irish government," the newsletter says, but "as hard as the HSE tries to cover up the horrifying impact of the COVID vaccine on Irish children, there is no containing the staggering toll of sudden deaths in young people."

A sudden rise in hepatitis cases is suspicious, too, the newsletter says: "Why are so many healthy children dying? What has changed in their lives to cause it? We all know the answer but many still do not have the courage to say it out loud because they too may meet the same fate."

While it's being ignored right now, it won't be forever, the newsletter suggests, because "soon the dam of silence will burst because the injury levels are too alarming to ignore."

SOURCE: The Irish Light