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How to Take Back your Republic!!!


Bobby Lawrence and Michelle Klann discuss the process/procedure for taking back our Republic and regaining jurisdiction over the land and air.

It's time to start WINNING!!!

The Republics of Missouri and Texas HAVE BEEN RESTORED!!!

Do you know how huge this is?

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In this video Bobby literally gives us the step-by-step for taking back each state.


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The events in the stars over the past 7 years prove that we are nearing the end of the tribulation as the prophecy is told in the Book of Revelation.

Did you know that Trump established Jupiter Golf Club LLC exactly 5 years – 5 days to the delta of the date that the Virgin (Virgo) gave birth to the redeemer in the stars?

5:5 is the ultimate mirror (September 23, 2017) where the reign of the cabal ended and the global, God fearing patriots took over.

When you map out the timeline of everything that has happened in the past 7 years along with Trump's Tweets, Q drops, the stars and planets AND the bible, it's evident that this is a Biblical time.

We are all being set free from a control system that has been ruling us for centuries. Conspiracies are only theories until they become Revelations. God Wins.