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America has ZERO Honesty in Voting – Criminals All

It's almost 2 years later, and even some State Legislatures are still fighting to see the 2020 election CVR (Cast Voter Records).

Why are the 2020 CVRs being so desperately hidden from Public examination?

After September 3rd of 2022, the 2020 election records can be legally destroyed.

Has your County or State published their 2020 CVRs for the Public to review?

"…release of these records allows citizens of these States to evaluate trends in voting patterns which might indicate susceptibility to electronic manipulation by bad actors… "

So far the Public has obtained CVRs in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Why have 2020 CVRs not been published also in Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc?