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Zuckerberg Admits FBI Induced Facebook to Censor Hunter Laptop Story, Ensuring Biden Win | Truth Over News


A few days ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on Joe Rogan's show and dropped a bombshell. Zuckerberg now claims that his company censored the Hunter Biden laptop story—which was entirely true and accurate—because of warnings they had received from the FBI.

The FBI knew that the laptop story was real because they themselves had Hunter's laptop in their possession since at least December 2019. Any kind of collusion, coercion, or coordination between government and media to censor Americans is a direct infringement of the First Amendment—but what the FBI did is so much worse. They actively interfered in the 2020 election to gift the presidency to Joe Biden.

In response to Zuckerberg's statement, the FBI issued a vague statement late on Friday that can only be called a non-denial denial. Crucially, the FBI did not deny Zuckerberg's account.

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