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Is UK's Depopulation Caused by Covid Vaccines?


This article will show that

  • Excess mortality in the UK, across deprivation quintiles, is almost entirely explained by Covid vaccination rates by quintile. Covid vaccination rate explains 94% of the differences and the relationship has great statistical significance P=0.0052!
  • The 2022 decline in births in the UK, across deprivation quintiles, is similarly explained by Covid vaccination rates by quintile.

Let's go!

As I wrote a few times previously, the UK is experiencing a very alarming 15% decline in births.

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The UK is also experiencing a no less alarming 10-15% increase in DEATHS,called "excess mortality", or mortality above what would be expected if the pandemic (and the pandemic measures such as vaccination) did not occur.

The increase in deaths, as well as a decrease in births, both work towards a reduction in the population of the United Kingdom. What causes both of these effects? Let's look.


Besides writing about the UK, I covered vaccine effects on birth rates in several posts about Hungary (using linear regression to show the effects of vaccination by analyzing individual counties in Hungary), Sweden, Germany, and more. Several countries such as Hungary, Sweden, and Germany showed a strange correlation between reduced birth rates with vaccinations 9 months prior.

However, substacker T Coddington found an entirely new way of looking at the UK birth data:

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He looked at women giving birth, by economic deprivation quintile, using a creative and painstaking approach of pulling and combining birth data by deprivation quintile, from several separate reports. The results are startling: while the most economically deprived quintile increased births as a fraction of all births, the wealthiest quintile decreased births as a fraction of all births.

The change from an increased, to a decreased fraction of births, is gradual, as the economic well-being of mothers improves! We also know, (as explained in the "death" section below), that the Covid vaccination rates increase with the economic well-being of mothers.

So, we have:

  • The higher the economic well-being of a mother, the greater the chances that the mother received Covid vaccines.
  • The higher the economic well-being of a mother, the greater the chances that the mother's fertility decreased!

The conclusion is: more vaccines, more infertility!

Here's his graph:

Mr. Coddington also found previous years' data and shows that the trend, prior to Covid vaccines, was the opposite: higher economic well-being mothers tended to INCREASE births as a fraction of all births. That trend suddenly and unexpectedly REVERSED after women were vaccinated in 2021. Check out his substack post for details.

Mr. Coddington worked very hard, compiled amazing numbers, and is setting an example of what "substack research" should be. I also want to compliment him for his extremely valuable findings and a new approach, that I decided to use for deaths.

Disparity of Deaths By Quintile is 94% Explained by Vaccines

We will be looking at a very interesting UK's Excess Mortality Presentation.

In recent months, mortality of 10-17 percent in excess of normal, was, sadly, prevalent in the UK:

As the bottom graph shows, deaths "with Covid" are not nearly enough in quantity to explain this excess mortality.

Something other than Covid is causing excess mortality, and doctors are baffled! British health experts need some help figuring it out!

Can we help British health experts? Gladly!

Let's take a look at excess mortality by deprivation quintile, using data from May to September. Fortunately, the excess mortality presentation offers data for download. I downloaded the spreadsheet and exported the quintile sheet as a CSV file, which I could then analyze. The analysis looked like this:

I also found Covid vaccination rate by deprivation quintile.

The data that I compiled, using Covid vaccination rates by quintile for September, looks like this:

You can see that excess mortality is, paradoxically, the lowest in the most deprived category, and is the highest in the wealthiest category!

Let me make a plot, with a trendline:

If you are not blind, you can see that the "quintile Covid vaccination rate" explains almost all variation in May-Sep 2022 excess mortality in the UK, across various deprivation quintiles.

Let's run a linear regression on the same data, using Graphpad:

We can see that:

  • Covid vaccination rate across quintiles explains 94% of the variation of excess mortality across quintiles
  • A P-value of 0.0052 shows that there is only a 0.5% chance of this result being due to a random chance

This makes a very strong case that excess mortality in the UK in May-Sep 2022 is caused by Covid vaccines.

With 94% R-squared, Covid vaccine explains 94% of all variation, which means that it is the sole factor determining excess deaths by quintile. No other factors are even necessary!

The United Kingdom is a Great Country with Great Data — and it is NOT Alone!

I hope that nobody reading my posts about the UK will conclude that I somehow am trying to badmouth the great United Kingdom. Far from it, I always admired it and its people!

The bad news about the UK that I discuss, is not unique to the UK. Many other vaccinated countries have similar problems — that are much more difficult to identify due to the lack of statistics in those places.

What is unique to the UK is the amount of statistical data that the UK is providing for analysis. This is the only reason why I devote a disproportionate number of my posts to the UK.

Let me also express a personal hope that this is a temporary situation and it will somehow resolve after some time with things returning back to normal.

Additionally, as convincing as my calculation is even to myself, it is possible, although unlikely, that a yet unknown factor explains both the vaccination rate as well as excess mortality/decline in births.

Can we Call it a "Depopulation Vaccine"?

We have an interesting situation: Covid vaccines appear to cause a decline in birth rate, and at the same time, an increase in the death rate.

A decline in births and a simultaneous increase in deaths is called depopulation. So, is Covid vaccine a depopulation vaccine? Am I off base? Please help me answer this question in the comments section!