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Aaron Brickman and Mike Adams discuss the Fourth Turning and the RISE and FALL of civilizations


– Cycles analysis of what's next in the financial markets

– The Fed is absolutely determined to break the financial markets no matter what

– Hard times are the crucible during which capable people are formed

– The collapse is a necessary step for humanity to get back to reality

– The future is not set: We must TAKE ACTION to determine how it goes

– If you are waiting for the Rapture (or "Q") to save you, you're doing it wrong

– If the Dow drops to 21,000, it will likely continue all the way to 13,000

– Under 21,000 we start to see cascading banking failures

– Russia is amassing troops for a strategic purpose, and they won't sit for long

– Ultimately there is GOOD NEWS for the re-founding of human civilization

– Prepare for massive, historic and sudden shifts of finance, politics, technology and more

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