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Revealed: Despite Everything, NIH Wants to Keep Funding Wuhan Lab – Dr. Joseph Mercola


The secret's out and there's no denying it: The National Institutes of Health has been funding gain-of-function research for years. And now, even as all evidence points toward the COVID virus having come from a lab, they are going to do whatever it takes to keep on funding it.

Documents of an NIH presentation from June 2020 show that NIH officials and directors were closely watching at least four pieces of legislation they believed would cut back or shut down continued gain-of-function research. In response, NIH officials derided the legislation as based on conspiracy theories, rather than the blatant truths they are proving to be.

According to Daily Caller, Adrienne Hallett, NIH Associate Director for Legislative Policy and Analysis, told meeting attendees, "A lot of these have to do with policymakers reacting to many of the controversies, many of the conspiracy theories that swirled during the pandemic … There's a lot of conversation about enhanced pathogens … there's a lot of conversation about international research, possible restrictions on different kinds of research."

In other words, it looks like the NIH intends to continue to deny the truths and stick to their crumbling conspiracy claims, all while continuing to pump millions of dollars into dangerous gain-of-function research, both on U.S. soil and in China at the Wuhan lab.



Daily Caller December 13, 2022