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Excess dementia deaths in Australia seems to have only one possible explanation

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The only way to explain the sudden rise in deaths in June/July 2021 that fits the data is the COVID vaccine, AFAIK.

The chart below is from a Substack by Andrew Madry entitled Excess Dementia Deaths in Australia:

Excess dementia deaths (cumulative – cumulative) rose dramatically in 2021 starting at the time of the vaccine rollout and continued to diverge. If it wasn't the vaccine, what was it?

There are only two causes that have been suggested:

  1. the safe and effective vaccine
  2. because people in nursing homes were denied hospital treatment.

We can see from the chart that a rapid increase in dementia deaths in June to July exactly coincides with the vax rollout for aged care.

Just a coincidence? Pretty unlikely I think. If you have an alternate hypothesis, it would have to fit the June/July timeframe for the biggest effect.

Evidence for causality

Dementia was listed in 3 of 150 serious adverse event safety signals for 18 and over that the CDC found in the VAERS database and it scored 52X in the X-factor analysis.

If you think it is not caused by the vaccine, I'm all ears because the data fits like a glove.

This wasn't caused by COVID damaging people's brain since there was no COVID in June/July 2021 when the excess dementia deaths rose dramatically:

COVID daily deaths in Australia didn't start until after the vaccines were rolled out. So COVID couldn't be the cause of the dementia deaths since there wasn't anything going on during June/July 2021

Note, that officially, Australia only recognized 15 deaths from the vaccine in 2021. That's preposterous. Whenever I do surveys, I find comparable numbers of people who die from COVID vs. the vaccine. Someone is lying to you. Do your own surveys.


Nobody can explain these dementia deaths if it wasn't the vaccine. So the health authorities say the cause is "unknown." Simple!