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WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? Lahaina Fire Lawsuits Begin – Maui Massacre


WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? Lahaina Fire Lawsuits Begin – Maui Massacre

August 25, 2023

Hustle Bitch

In recent videos, We've looked a little more in depth at John Peletier the Maui police chief and on an upcoming video we're going to look into the growing concern the public has with the Police Chief who also acts as the Coroner and his interest in collecting the DNA of deceased Hawaiians

Today the primary focus will be on Hawaii's Governor josh Green. Even his last name is a tell tale sign of the plan that's possibly in place. The question for today is does Governor Josh Green have a dark and sinister agenda?

Before we get to Mr. Green let's take a quick look at the lawsuit Maui County just filed against the Hawaiian Electric Company and other top news regarding Maui.

Hawaiians are outraged after hearing President Joe Biden tied relief for Maui fire victims to a bill proving even more funding for Ukraine. Joe Biden is holding Maui hostage by slipping an additional $24 billion in aid to Ukraine into the disaster relief bill for Maui.

Hawaiians are also criticizing Biden for comparing almost losing his corvette in a small kitchen fire to the catastrophic blaze that destroyed historic Lahaina Town, claiming over 115 lives and leaving more than 1,000 missing. "It's not always about you, Mr. President," the company added. Jesse Franklin-Murdock, an attorney at the Dhillon Law Group called the sign the "bellwether of public opinion in Hawaii."

It has been more than half of a month since Maui Fire happened and Maui officials still are telling us they have no idea where the children are. The FBI says there are NO identified MINORS among unaccounted and missing People. After hearing this, this former U.S army officer has questions.

On yesterdays video we saw FEMA lying to the American people and we already know FEMA officials are only stying at fie star resorts like Four Season in Wailea. More and more stories are coming out like this Maui Resident who explains the lack of response by FEMA & Red Cross during the Maui Hawaii Fires.

Josh Green is saying Social Media is not a good source of news. THEN WHY is Mister Green continuously blowing up his own SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS POSTING UPDATES??

In addition, we've heard JOSH GREEN talk about how he is " Hand picking the media.

Just a month before the Maui fires, Hawaii Governor Josh Green was a keynote speaker at the United Nations and headed up a panel focusing on sustainable development

Christian Brits tweeted "Hawaii Gov. Josh Green has basically declared YIMBY martial law. His emergency order suspends local zoning, environmental review, and more, and sets up a special working group to give expedited approval to individual housing projects

Referencing this Maui Now article, with the headline reading "Hawaii and Israel enter strategic partnership for cultural, educational and economic exchange"….Santa Surfing tweeted Did Hawaii become a Sovereign Kingdom quietly while the tyrants like Gov. Josh Green sign EO and govern for Hawaii as the unofficial state? This happened last year!

How can Hawaii and a country, Israel, develop strategic /economic exchange relations while the other 49 states were not included? Saving Israel for last?"


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