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Woman Suffers Nerve Pain, Muscle Deterioration From Moderna Shot

Around the world, there are way more deaths and adverse reactions with the COVID shots than are being reported, according to this video.

In it, a mom and dad of a young woman who took the Moderna shot talk about how ill it made her, from the first day. She went to work anyway, but ended up collapsing in a chair in her boss' office. She went home, had more adverse events, then went to the hospital, where she stayed for two weeks.

Everyone understood she'd had the vaccine, her parents say, but they had no diagnosis. Today her daughter has to use a walker to get around — and this was just from the first shot. Also, her eyes are blurry, she can't concentrate and she's in constant pain, her parents say.

If you or someone you know is considering getting the vaccine, please watch this video and hear this family's story, the host urges.

SOURCE: BitChute June 20, 2021