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Understanding MMS or CDS Chlorine Dioxide (with Jim Humble) DETOX VAX – a cheap and effective cure for virtually every ailment!

PDF 1 MMS-Jim-Humble-TheSolutionsBook

PDF 2 MMS-Simple-instructions
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Is this the Holy Grail in Medicine?
Denied by Big Pharma, MMS has proven to be a cheap and effective treatment/cure for virtually every ailment under the sun!
Trump was right… chlorine dioxide cures. It is NOT Bleach as the media claimed, it is safe and natural.
This documentary (mirror) produced by Adam Abraham working with Jim Humble in Mexico tells the story of MMS and many of the accomplishments that has occurred since Jim first wrote the book that is sold on his site – The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. There are excerpts and testimony from doctors and scientists in Mexico and the US.
Jim is an ex miner who first witnessed it's use for treating malaria and has since gone on to investigate the possibility of treating a variety of other ailments and diseases ranging from coughs and colds, flu, tuberculosis, lime disease, psoriasis and cancer.
Quite a number of other people give their opinions and observations who all attest to the effectiveness of MMS.
This documentary is very professional done and it gives you a very interesting look into the new world of MMS. The observations and happenings are all factual.
Please enjoy this documentary and share it with all your friends and family.

I got mine from ebay sold as "water purification drops" but the suppliers also have a website
Good luck.

All credit to the original author.

The Universal Antidote Getting Started Series-Complete Series

Training Video 6 – How to Make the Acid Activator

Training Video 5 – How to make 22.4% Sodium Chlorite Solution (MMS)

How to make fresh cds every day
Last updated 02/23/22

Vaccination Detox

MMS/ Jim Humble/ sodium chlorite- Great Detox claims it cures cancer… ALSO DEACTIVATES GRAPHENE FUNCTION. I do use MMS on a daily basis, be very careful start off with 2 drops of each solution. Add 2 drops MMS then 2 drops activator in small glass, swirl for 30 sec, add 4 oz of water, drink on empty stomach, no food 1 hour before/after. Move up to 3 drops after a couple weeks. Read PDF Jim's book above. BE SURE TO WATCH VIDEO #2 AND TAKE NOTES.

Cure 4 the VAXXED to DETOX Toxic Chemicals
100 mg of Zinc per day. A virus cannot replicate in the cell when there is enough Zinc in the cell.
Preventative dosage:
* IVERMECTIN: 12 mg / wHCQ: 300 mg / w
* Vitamin C – minimum 5000 mg / d (work upto 10000 mg / d)
* Magnesium – 500 mg / d
* Selenium – 200 mcg / d
* Apple Pectin – 700 mg x 2 / d for the jabbed 6 months.
* Zinc – 100 mg / d
* Vitamin D3 – minimum 5000 IU / d

Detox Bath Recipe Removes: Radiation Poisoning / Pesticides / Heavy Metals / Parasites / Nano Bots / Graphene Oxide (Black Goo) / Chemtrails / Jabs & More
A. External Detox
Take a hot bath with:
2 cups of Baking Soda
2 cups of Epsom Salt
1 cup of Bentonite Clay (Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay)
1 cup of Borax (removes Nano Bots)
Scrub down for 20 minutes.
Then shower with Dr Bonner peppermint liquid soap and scrub your body after soaking.

Pass this around I hope and pray it works for the vaxxed! We can also do the detox even if you did not take the jab. We all have nanobots and will help with the spreading of spike proteins from the jabbed.