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J6 Philip Anderson testimony from J6. Edward Jacob Lang saved his life, by Richard Citizen Reporter (Credible) Also J6Truth


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Philip Anderson testimony from J6. Edward Jacob Lang saved his life

It was all fake tears. Those EXACT crying Capitol police officers that put on a show for the media were the ones in the front line murdering us in the tunnel. If it had not been for Jake Lang and the other J6 political prisoners that pushed the Capitol police back and pulled me out I would have had the most gruesome death imaginable. The police knew that we couldn't breathe after they gassed us and that we were simply trying to get out of the tunnel so that we wouldn't die from suffocation. Instead of letting us leave they tried to murder us. I will never forget being crushed to death minute after minute after minute. After Rosanne Boyland passed and let go of my hand I was begging God to take my soul up to heaven and spare me the slow gruesome death. I could feel my legs breaking and knew that once my arm shifted my head was going to be smashed and I would instantly die. I was only able to breathe because I was air swapping with the other people at the bottom of the pile. Before I begged God to take my soul I screamed for minute after minute "HELP!! I'M DYING!!! HELP!!!!!! I'M BEGGING YOU!! BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!!! YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!!! THE PEOPLE NEXT TO ME ARE DEAD!!!!! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME !!!!!!!!!!"

But the Capitol police didn't care. They kept pushing more people on top of me until there was at least 30 people crushing down on me. They continued to deploy so much mace on us that I was soaked form head to toe in mace even though I was at the very bottom of the pile. Mace was in my underwear and even in my shoes. "Give them hell!" "Fuck them up!" they said over the radio as Trump supporters were crawling away for their lives. The Capitol police heard my screams begging for mercy. At one point they were even standing directly on top of me. They then maced and beat the people that attempted to pull my body and Rosanne Boyland's body out from under their boots.

Now I ask you America, with tears coming down my eyes as I type this. Does human life mean nothing in the face of your preferred fictional narrative?! You claim that we are enemies of democracy? DEMOCRACY?!! What a joke! I'm not a terrorist and I wasn't committing an insurrection. I was unarmed angry protester that had been banned from Facebook, banned Instagram, banned from Twitter, banned from gofundme, banned from Airbnb, banned from Tik Tok, and much more without even being given a reason. Google manipulated their search results against me to smear me & cover up the truth and YouTube maniputled their search results against me as well. Facebook put false information fact checks over every single video and picture of me that people posted in order to stop me from being heard. You call that democracy?!!!! You call that a fair election?!!!!!!!!! I came across the ocean to be free, to decide my own destiny, to be an American. And now you've destroyed even that.

You can take your January 6th committee and shove it up your tyrannical ass.